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Another snowshoe race is in the books. This year I ran the 25k again along with Adam “SlimJim” Hurricane-Buster. The weather and conditions were about as good as I could have asked. The trail (10k loop) was nicely groomed. But I digress, the fun began at 9:10 a.m. with a”go!”. I ran the first 10k loop at a descent pace but not too fast. I walked a fair amount of the steep hills. First -place winner (Kandice) and  I passed and re-passed each other often through-out. 

I ate a few gu’s and Sports beans, checked my name in at the loop end and headed up the steep 5k loop. Quite the climb, and most of it in shade. That caused me to cool down a bit. About the top the calves began cramping (no!). But I trudged down as fast as I dare. I had my pockets too full and had to cinch up my pants at the bottom. I tried to adjust my snowshoes as well since the left kept turing pigeon-toe. But whatever I tried never worked so I just went with it.

I checked in before my last loop, filled me bottle with heed (sick) and sat in the snow for a while, until I saw Kandice coming,then I hopped up and scooted away, I knew it was only a matter of time before she caught me. I also knew we were sitting at #1 and #2 respectively. She did eventually catch me on a slight 8% grade hill and I tried to stay with her for a bend or two then gave up. She was tough as nails running up every hill. 

I got to the aid station and grabbed a Red bull and some potatoes. As I went on I thought that there was no way I would catch her, until near the top when I saw her, I kept track and saw I was about 4-5 minutes behind her. But I had little steam for the downhill and never saw her again.

The last 2 miles I knew I was close to my goal of sub 3 hours. But I had to put the hurt on and dig deep. I tried hard not to walk much but the exhaustion was killing me. The last .5 mile I just gritted my teeth and finished it off. Getting an official time of 2:59:55! Although I looked at my Garmin watch and it says 2:59:51, but whats 4 seconds?

End result is I got 1st place Male, and 2nd place overall, woopt-de-doo! I can’t wait to suffer all over again next year. But really this year was much better. I kept my feet dry for 75% of the race and cut 26 minutes from last years time, so who’s complaining?

Here is the exciting map #”s :

Creative solutions must have obstacles to overcome

Stefan Mumaw

Maybe that seems obvious but I think on day-to-day levels it is not.

Ideas come from inspiration, not information.
Will Burns
Tell the photographer what the photo should do, not necessarily what it should look like
Rick Landesberg 
The problem with an acronym is that nobody knows what it means… not only do you have to design your acronym, you then have to design an explanation of it.
John McWade of Befor & After - talking about business card designs

Intense light coming down City creek canyon. View from peak on my trail run.


Tyler’s father-in-law apparently dropped off 30 boxes for the move. Right, more like 24 or 25, not likely it was 30.


Tyler’s father-in-law apparently dropped off 30 boxes for the move. Right, more like 24 or 25, not likely it was 30.

A dart in the cup is worth two in the hand.
creation really happens when boundaries are crossed
Georg Petschnigg

Rough idea for ‘Defender of the Faith’ Design

Value yourself and what you do
David Airey

In-depth book review infographic of The Robots of Dawn. All artwork was produced by me.

For my third year at this event I opted to run the 25k distance. Previous two years I ran the 10k. Here is last years photos report. This year I was accompanied by my friend Adam who ran the 10k. As you can see in my last year pictures I wore shorts and had forgotten gloves, so I was rather cold and under prepared. This year I was going to be better prepared. I began by picking up a Airhole face mask, which was light enough that it worked well for running. Although I found I was warm enough with out it about 4k into the race. Next I acquired some super-light, nice race snowshoes from Northern Lites. These shoes were awesome and delivered to me expectations. I noticed a few other competitors rocking the Northern Lites, in fact at one point there were three of us in a row, all in the top five positions wearing them, go team!

My big mistakes were, one, not wearing waterproof shoes and /or gaiters. I knew this would be an issue and I thought I had prepared well, by brining two pairs of running shoes and three pairs of socks. But alas my feet were wet about 75% of the race. It was good to have gloves however and pants to keep my legs warm. The only other thing I would have done different is to get more calories at the aid stations, I think I kept my self just under the level I needed to be at to keep going strong.

As for the race itself, the course consist of a 10k loop and a brutal 5k loop, so for the 25k I did one 10, one 5 and a final 10. I likely pushed to hard on the first 10k as I was around a top five finisher of that. Then the 5k was a punishing climb (I forget the elevation). I enjoyed the chance to chat with a fellow competitor up the climb. 

I have to give mad props to the marathon and 50k runners, I felt so out of shape I could not have gone another 10ft further then the 25k distance. A couple of dudes doing the 50k helped me pull through my last 10, so thanks to them. I look forward to next year where I plan to compete much better.

The Cool Runner artwork - rock some tunes:!/gregoryisaacs

Artwork of me running. Inspired a bit by Yuta Onoda.